Alright, I’m calling it… Outdoor headshot season is officially open.    Although some of my clients have braved the chilly weather for some natural light photos outside during the winter months, after today taking photos outside will be more like a gentle walk in the park and less like a painful death march through the arctic with broken snowshoes and hungry wolves hiding behind snow drifts…

Spring gardenThe courtyard of my building has a beautiful garden with plenty of green vines and colorful flowering plants.  Have I taken advantage of this foliage and used it as a background for some great photos?  Umm… HELLO?  Yes.  Yes, I have.  Duh.

Today I did some work weeding in the garden and pruning plants to get everything ready for photos.  Okay, I was actually escaping work in front of the computer for a while because it was so warm and sunny out and I wanted some Vitamin D.  And I snapped a few photos of some of the first branches sprouting some leaves and the first blossoms pushing their way through.  Ahhhh, spring.  If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the garden.


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