After several years in private practice and government law, recent Organic Headshots visitor Michele Casey is launching her own legal  Horray for entrepreneurship!  One of her main focuses as an attorney is mediation and alternative dispute resolution.


What is mediation or alternative dispute resolution? Have you ever had a disagreement with your condo board, or a fellow condo member and it was bad enough that someone threatened to get the courts involved somehow? Or maybe you own your own business and just got hit with a lawsuit. Mediation can help!


Here’s how it works: Michele is an attorney who sits down with folks before they head to court so that they can try to solve their problems without, well… hiring attorneys and metaphorically punching each other in court… which is stressful and expensive. So think about giving her a call before you and your neighbor whose dog NEVER stops barking end up in fisticuffs in the courthouse. Visit her website to contact her, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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