A client you should know


99_color_printI recently took headshots for Maggie Panagakis, a professional organizer who wanted to update her look with some new headshots as she launched her company’s website, Strategies for Organizing.  During our session we looked at the things I’ve done to organize some of my photo equipment and she gave me some great suggestions!

Working with both individuals and businesses, Maggie helps successful entrepreneurs in the Chicago area organize office and storage space, create a successful home office, and relocate when it’s time to expand.  She also helps people who are struggling with downsizing, managing documents, purging, and decluttering.

We had some great discussions about how the space we create around us in which we live or work can really affect our stress level and how in or out of control we feel in our lives.

Or as she says, “being organized is more than neat piles or a clean surface.  It’s the knowledge that you know where things are and you are able to find them in minutes.  It’s knowing that you won’t forget appointments or obligations.  It’s the personal satisfaction of having control over your life — when you know what is going to happen next and you are ready for it.”

I recommend giving Maggie a call if you’re thinking about re-organizing, moving your home or business, or are reading this nodding your head and thinking, “actually- I AM stressed out and feel like I can’t find anything when I look for it!”

Check her out on www.strategies4organizing.com or give her a call at (773) 251-3083.


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