oldphotoHere’s a somewhat secret fact about me: I collect vintage photographs.  I’m strangely fascinated by old photos and getting a sneak peak into strangers’ lives from decades ago.  My collection has old photos from the late 1800’s up until some awesome little shots taken on 1960’s era Brownies.

IMG_4080The other day I got a new stack of old photos and as I was looking through them I found this photo, which has the address of where it was taken written on the back.  I plugged the street address into Google Maps and looked at the street view of the house- which had some changes made over the year but was unmistakeably the same house.

So today I am dropping the photo in the mail to the residents at that house.  I mean, how awesome would it be to go to your mailbox one day and a little card greets you that says something like, “hey there, I found this photo of your house in 1934.  Thought you might like to have it.  Enjoy!”

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