Watery dreams

February 2, 2009 Published by . Leave your thoughts

I was looking through some old photos of mine the other night and then I had weird dreams. I dreamt I had to take photos under water but couldn’t keep my eyes open under the water and couldn’t find the shutter button for the camera so I had to open my eyes to see it… so I opened my eyes under water and my contacts floated away. When I finally found them, I tried to put them back in my eyes, but they were the size of teacups and too big to put back in.

A friend of mine told me once that if you eat different kinds of cheeses before going to sleep, you’ll have strange or intense dreams based on the kind of cheese. Maybe the photos you look at have that same effect. I looked through a file of folders a friend and I took at a hotel swimming pool while we were on a trip, and the contacts-the-size-of-teacups is the dream I ended up with.

Maybe tonight I’ll stare at a big chocolate cake and brochures from day spas before heading off to bed…