Olympian needs "non-Olympic" headshots

August 28, 2009 Published by . Leave your thoughts

Today I took Alexandra Yeung‘s headshot: a mountain biker who competed in the 2000 Olympic Games representing Hong Kong. She now lives with her husband, Mike, in Chicago and is working for the City of Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid. And she’s an evironmental engineer! A very busy woman.

She came to me for headshots because she needed a photo to go along with her bio summary for various print and online materials whenever she speaks somewhere, sends a press release, or any other 2016-related use. I get a lot of requests for this type of headshot and always ask what the majority of uses it will be for, as well as what the person is trying to portray.

For example, a business professional who does a lot of formal speaking engagements might need a headshot that is more formal-looking, with a suit, full, bright lighting, and a mottled background. Yet writers usually request more informal or creative-looking shots for their bookjackets. Alexandra wanted something that wasn’t quite corporate, but also “non-biking” or “non-Olympic,” since she’s not trying to promote her biking, but her more professional side.

We took a few different types of photos, and this one is my favorite. It’s approachable, but kind of cinematic in a way. It presents her in a professional way, but with a bit of creativity that links her image with the fact that she has such a diverse and interesting background. And I think the gaze on her face portrays that too. It seems to say, “ask me about how I was in the Olympics.”

You’re famous, Mr. and Mrs Breen!

August 25, 2009 Published by . Leave your thoughts

A wonderful couple I took photos for in the past just contacted me- they are going to be featured on an episode of TLC’s “A Baby Story,” airing later this fall. Congrats, Jen and Jim Breen! The television show recently filmed and followed the couple during the birth of their second child, which they decided to undertake as a home birth, after being inspired by the Ricki Lake documentary The Business of Being Born.

Here’s where I finally come in… several years ago I took engagement photos for them, and the TV show will be using some of them as footage during the episode. Woo! I can’t wait to see the episode, Jen!