New Location!

April 26, 2010 Published by . Leave your thoughts

Organic Headshots has moved! I’m now operating out of the glorious, stupendous, amazing Bloomingdale Arts Building on Bloomingdale Ave. near Western and Armitage. With my new 1,079 square foot loft, headshots of all kinds of looks and setups are possible! The building has an amazing courtyard with tons of brick and greenery, and there are all types of great walls and textures in the area for outdoor photoshoots. (Come on, summer, let’s warm it up so we can take photos outside!)

And a congratulations and thank you to Kate McFerrin and Buffy Esslinger who were the first two headshots taken in the new space this weekend, only 6 days after moving in. It didn’t quite feel like home until pictures of wonderful people were snapped within the walls.