Have you seen my photo hanging at Whole Foods?

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A few months ago I took some photos at a local Whole Foods bakery for a new ad campaign they’re running about their stores’ bakeries as local bakeries and the people who work there as the great, local bakers they are.  They asked some actual staff members of their bakeries to come in for the shoot and pose as themselves to be photographed doing exactly what they do daily: baking bread, decorating cakes, preparing tarts, and so on.

I partner with fellow independent photographer Johnny Knight for a lot of projects- mostly weddings- and we we worked together on this Whole Foods campaign, taking photos side by side so some of our photos had our subjects looking right into the camera, and for others photos they would be looking off to the side.  The effect was very natural and the photos turned out great!

So I’m finally getting around to posting some of my favorite shots from the day- one that was chosen for the campaign, one of the outtakes from that shot where some bread dough seems to be levitating… and some other great shots.

Photos in a cemetery! Eep!

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Last week I got a call to take some promotional photos for a theatre troupe for their new show opening:  “We want photos of us in clown costumes, in a cemetery, at dawn, holding shovels and books, and can you get some fog in the photos somehow?”

I just want to take a moment to say I love my job.  I love my job.

So there we were, the cast of 500 Clown Frankenstein (and on Facebook) and I, shivering in the early morning sunlight in a cemetery on the north side.  We found an absolutely gorgeous small church with a 100+ year old churchyard we got permission to shoot in at dawn, and the setting couldn’t have been more perfect.  And yes, I’m not a guerrilla warfare photographer- If I’m shooting somewhere other than my studio I get permission first.  There’s nothing out there than can ruin a photo more than getting arrested for taking it.  Call me crazy, but that’s my opinion.

We started a little later than we hoped so the sun was a little brighter than we envisioned, but the photos still turned out great.  And yes, we even managed to get some fog in the shot, thanks to an amazing invention: fog in a can.  If they can put cheese in a can, they can put fog in a can, right?  Right.  For only $15 per can, you can own your very own fog, released at your command.

After our fingers and toes were sufficiently numb and we got the shots we wanted, we called it a day.  Making sure to clean up everything we brought into the cemetery, of course, and to conduct ourselves respectfully in the presence of a graveyard.  It was already a pretty macabre way to spend a morning- standing in a cemetery with shovels in the month of Halloween.  It was fun… creepy… but fun.

I also got a great shot before we got started of the sun just barely coming up from behind the church, and the moon still visible in the sky.  NOW I’m ready for Halloween.

An open studio event

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I live and work in the Bloomingdale Arts Building- a building of live/work lofts for artists.  I share walls with painters, video artists, poets, musicians and other people who are working artists in nearly every medium there is out there.  It’s awesome.  And last night several artists in the building put together an open studio event for the building’s ten year anniversary.  Several artists opened their studios and invited other artists to show their work and we opened the building to the public for some walk-through art showing and schmoozing.

I’m not a gallery artist so I didn’t have anything to show.  Instead, I opened my studio as a giant photobooth and took photos of anyone wanting their photo taken.  And to up the ante, I invited make-up artist Jenn Rhoads and a model friend to jump in front of the camera and take some fun conceptual photos.

I’m just going through the photos now and still have lots to play with, but I wanted to share just a couple that grabbed my attention.  One is my little welcome to Autumn- I picked up some leaves in gorgeous colors around my neighborhood and used them in this first beauty shot.  Then between costume changes and passersby getting some group photos taken we took some action shots of her spinning around.

Also on hand was fellow resident and fellow photographer Randy Moe with a medium format Polaroid camera he was using to snap behind the scenes photos and other group snapshots of everyone.

A ridiculous amount of photos were taken.  A ridiculous amount of art was seen.  A ridiculous amount of fun was had!


Christmas (cards) already?

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Psst… you may have noticed that there are only a couple weeks left of jacket-less weather.  You know what that means… Christmas cards.  Oh yes, Christmas cards.  Photos for Christmas cards, that is.  If you want some fun outdoor family photos for your Christmas cards, now’s the time to do it.

After October everyone’s scrambling for their family holiday portraits for their cards and many end up settling for indoor photos with a backdrop when what they really wanted for Christmas was a bucket of fun-looking outdoor photos of themselves frolicking in the park.

Now’s the time to frolic in the park, people.  Get out there and get to it.