Feeling warm and fuzzy

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headshots, organic headshotsThis is going to sound like a cheesy small business owner statement, but here it goes… Every time I pick up the camera to take a headshot, I try my hardest to get some photos for my clients that they can be proud to have.  I do my absolute best to listen, coach, and work with my clients to get the best photo of them possible.  (Too cheesy?  Feel free to finish rolling your eyes at the marketingspeak.)

Every so often I get a personalized thank you card in the mail after a session or a shoot, and it’s always unexpected and always makes my day.  Today is one of those days.  I checked my mail and found an awesome little thank you note wrapped around a gift card.  I feel so warm and fuzzy that my clients love their photos and the experience so much that they go out of their way to show that appreciation.

It makes me love what I do even more.  I may or may not have hugged the card.

Who wants a puppy?

June 11, 2014 Published by . Leave your thoughts

Speckles 002 (1)

Recent Organic Headshots client Dorothy is fostering an adorable puppy who needs a forever home- let’s help her find one!  Speckles is a 5 month old black lab/retriever mix who is being fostered by Dorothy until she gets over a bout with Kennel Cough, which should be in the next 2 weeks.  Otherwise healthy, spayed, vaccinated, and ready to go; she’s got a great temperament and will be a great companion to anyone thinking about adding an adorable furry member to their family.  The adoption would go through the Anti-Cruelty Society.

Here’s Dorothy’s info if you’d like to ask her about Speckles:

Dorothy Meyer
312-822-9779  (office)
312-550-7218  (cell)

As a lot of you may know, Organic Headshots has a studio dog: David Bowie the Dog.  I fostered an awesome dog through a no-kill shelter before getting Bowie to make sure I could handle the responsibilities of dog ownership.  Did you know that a lot of shelters in Chicago allow you to “test drive” dogs and cats by fostering them first?  I told the shelter that’s exactly what I wanted to do and they were all for it!  They said they encourage it because most people end up adopting the dog they foster, and if not, the dog got a break from the shelter to be in a foster home where the foster family can learn about the dog’s temperament- information that better allows the shelter to find the perfect home for them.

When my foster term was up, the dog found an awesome home elsewhere, and I had decided on the breed I wanted to get.  I knew I wanted a Shiba Inu and that there were plenty of breed-specific rescue associations out there, so I contacted a few Shiba rescues and found one that recently got a litter of 6 month old puppies that were sprung from a puppy mill in Arkansas.  Volunteers drove the puppies to the Chicago area and placed them in foster homes, where they were spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and even started housebreaking and training.  I met with the couple fostering Bowie, put in an application, they approved it, and BOOM!  I got my Bowie.  He’s the best dog a human can ask for.

Though any dog owner will say that about their dog and they’re all telling the truth.

So spread the word and let’s find a home for Speckles!