Time lapse photos of teeny seedlings

March 16, 2015 Published by . Leave your thoughts

Wow, I really don’t get creative with blog post titles, do I?

So about a week ago I started planting some seeds for a little garden I plan to start in my new backyard- some tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, green beans, chard, kale, and a plethora of every type of herb commonly grown in small gardens.  Also lavender and some giant sunflowers- which I’m ridiculously excited about.  A few days ago I noticed some little seedlings had started popping up when I walked past them on my way to bed.  The next morning I looked at them and, hand on the bible, they doubled in size overnight.

So this might be like one of those “yeah, whatever” things to more veteran gardeners but I totally lost my mind at how awesome it was.  I kept screaming “NATURE!” and scaring my dog.

Then I thought, “wait a minute… I’ve got a timer attachment for my camera…” and I plopped my camera on some books next to the seedlings, set the timer to go off every 2 minutes from 9am to 9pm, and BOOM.  Now we can watch my little seedlings sway in the sunlight and get a little bigger.