What’s the difference between my makeup and pro makeup?

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In another way to help answer the question, “should I add a hair and makeup artist to my headshot session?” we’ve put together some comparison images.  Our hair and makeup artists are trained specifically in makeup for photography, and this will demonstrate how professional makeup looks on camera when compared to how we apply our everyday makeup.  Pro makeup for photography is designed to look natural, while enhancing our natural features and pulling focus away from blemishes and irregularities in our skin tone.

In these photos we had two brave volunteers (thank you again, ladies!) start with no makeup, then makeup they applied themselves as they usually do and placed their hair how they normally wear it every day; and then finally, a professional makeup artist applied their makeup and styled their hair for camera.  There was no retouching done on these images:

Regular makeup and professional makeup comparison

Choosing to have a hair and makeup artist at your headshot session is a personal decision based on your preference– and you can read more about who should have their makeup professionally done for their photos here.  And read other tips for your headshots here.

Book your headshot online now, and add a hair and makeup artist to your session!

We remodeled the studio bathroom

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Everyone stop what you’re doing and look at some before and after photos of our studio bathroom!  I know it doesn’t sound terribly exciting to most people; but we’re really excited about it.

bathroom remodel, bathroom before and after

We wanted the new bathroom to have a vintage feel with a modern twist, to match the look and feel of the studio itself, with its modern conveniences, cool style, and original timber beams.

The vintage door comes from a salvage supply, while the vanity and shelving alcove were custom built using reclaimed wood from our friends at The Square Nail down the street.  And a special thanks to our awesome illustrator friend Natalie Nguyen, who designed our custom “how to tie a tie” poster, and our pals at Chicago Sign Systems for printing it!

And now for the close-ups… drumroll please…