It’s like going to Costco and buying bulk, right?

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I can think of no greater bonding experience between father and daughter than getting headshots taken together. Okay, I guess it’s not exactly a game of catch in the backyard… but pairing up for a headshot session is a great way to spend some quality time getting something done that you’ve both been putting off for a while.

The other day I took these headshots for a father/daughter duo who both needed some headshots for LinkedIn and company websites. And their first question was a question I actually get quite a lot: “if we come together, can we get a discount?”

And the answer I give is always, “yes.” Partnering with someone for a headshot session is a great way to get a thorough headshot session for yourself and your comrade, while saving the photographer time and money in setting up the studio equipment and readying everything for a session. A good photographer will pass this savings onto you and give you a “bulk” discount.

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