My neighbors are goofballs

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My neighbor’s Latin combo band, Street Sounds, needed some new group shots for press, artwork, and bookings; so the other evening we wandered to an empty lot and took some photos.

It was great to get out of the studio for a bit and trample through some weeds and a little light rain to earn a good photo.

The only difficulty was… well… the band.  I had them hold some instruments as props but about 15 seconds after they picked them up they started playing them.  In this shot to the right they had just started messing around and playing a bit of a song.

Then they wouldn’t stop.  And they wouldn’t look at the camera.  Did I mention it was raining a little?  So I had them drop their instruments for some shots without them- thinking that the instruments wouldn’t be there to distract them from the business of having their photograph taken.

They just goofed around with each other instead.

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