"The Swooning Shadow" and other tales

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If I could change my middle name, I think I’d change it to “rim light,” because I like rim lighting so much. (Or I’d probably change it to “superhuman destroyer of evil,” but that’s a post for another day.)

Maybe it’s because of my background in cinematography and filmmaking that gives me an affinity for rim lighting, aka edge lighting- films use it a lot to add dynamics to a scene. A light placed behind the subject to light the edge of his or her hair, shoulders, etc., really makes the subject stand out from their background and gives them a solid look. It splashes light all over their edgy parts, but also creates new shadows and gives their features depth. Hand me a shovel, because I dig it.

I took this photo last night as a comp photo project. I snapped the subject’s photo with a simple lighting setup, then another of myself for the shadow, and replaced his shadow with mine in Photoshop. (Sounds simple enough, but my mouse-using wrist is still sore and my eyes are watering from staring at the screen for so long…) Special thanks to Dave Hamner for modeling for the photo, and for being so awesome!

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