The free headshot

Last month Organic Headshots had its yearly booth at Navy Pier as a sponsor of BrandSmart, which just celebrated its 20th year. Way to go, AMA Chicago! It was a fabulous event, as always, and we met some awesome new people, said hello to old friends, and learned a great deal from the amazing speakers. […]

Favorite shots of 2019

Can we talk about how hard it was to choose only a handful of photos for our annual “favorite shots” collection of 2019?  Because it literally took hours to widdle it down from hundreds to just about 30.  HUNDREDS. We met SO many awesome people and got so many awesome portrait and event shots of […]

Our favorite shots of 2018

Happy New Year!  2018 was a great year for Organic Headshots– thank you to all of our amazing clients over the years, who continue to choose us as their photography studio.  We’re so honored to photograph everyone who comes through our doors and happy to keep shooting up a photo storm in 2019! Let’s look […]

Meet our newest photographer

Organic Headshots is growing! To keep up with the demand of our awesome headshots and corporate event photography, Genevieve True has come aboard, joining Michelle Kaffko and Jeff Johnson as a headshot and event photographer. With a new team member, we’ll now have even more availability for both on-site staff headshots for groups, and headshot […]

Favorite shots of 2017!

Now that 2018 is underway and we’ve all returned from our holiday-cookie-induced-end-of-year comas, we figured we would look through the files at our 2017 memories and choose our favorite shots of the year.  After some intensive file sorting we grabbed our favorite photos and BOOM! over 100 photos made our list.  It was a good […]

An awesome event = awesome event photos

Did you hear the news?  The Willis Tower is about to get a huge makeover.  Like, HUGE.  We definitely heard the news loud and clear, because we were there to photograph the press conference announcing the plans.  And it was awesome.  See for yourself: What makes a great event photographer?  Speed.  Anticipation.  Comfortable shoes.  To […]

Free event coverage for non-profits in Q4!

Every year Organic Headshots gives away several hours of event photo coverage, divided into quarters.  This year, Visionshare already has dibs on a few hours of coverage for an event they have in October: a group that places donated eye tissue for transplant recipients is definitely a non-profit that restores vision is definitely after a photographer’s […]

Volunteering for some volunteers

Each year I donate some photography services to a select few non-profit groups, and this last weekend I volunteered my photo services for some volunteers.  The Chicago Volunteer Expo was held on February 16th at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park.  The expo connected local non-profits in need of volunteers with willing and […]

Organic Headshots volunteers its services now and then…

Every year I donate photography services to a small amount of non-profit organizations, to give back to my community and for the selfish reason of feeling warm and fuzzy inside for helping out.  This week I photographed a fundraising party that launched the US branch of the Ozzie Guillen Foundation, which was originally founded in […]