Favorite shots of 2017!

Now that 2018 is underway and we’ve all returned from our holiday-cookie-induced-end-of-year comas, we figured we would look through the files at our 2017 memories and choose our favorite shots of the year.  After some intensive file sorting we grabbed our favorite photos and BOOM! over 100 photos made our list.  It was a good […]

A taste of old Hollywood

I love headshots.  And I take a heck of a lot of them throughout the week.  So last weekend was a fun break from headshots to stretch my creative legs and put together a stylized photo shoot… I feel like I shouldn’t use the work “break” since it was actually a lot of work to get […]

Operation: David Bowie inspired photo shoot

Last weekend I got together with make-up artist Megg, hair stylist Dottie, and our brave friend Anna.  We dressed Anna up and fashioned her hair and make-up in different styles to create some photos inspired by the looks of David Bowie.  “Why did it take you so long to finally get to that?” those of […]

Favorite shots of 2013

With just a couple weeks left in the year it’s time for me to sift through my hard drive and pick out some of my favorite shots of 2013.  If I had to do some quick math, I think I took somewhere around 105,000 photos this year… so instead of looking through all of them […]