Consent in photography

Last month the whole team gathered for our monthly “workshop day,” where we pick a skill to expand on together. The theme for that meeting was posing, but it didn’t go how we thought it would go. We thought we would be comparing and contrasting our favorite go-to poses, but good posing ended up starting […]

Masculine vs. Feminine Poses?

Last month we took headshots for a woman who saw a tightly cropped photo of her head and shoulders and said her shoulders looked too “crunched in and cutesy,” so we re-took the photo and pulled her shoulders back and looking more broad. Then in another shoot, we photographed a duo of business partners with […]

How to crop your headshot

Where do I crop my headshot? you might be wondering when you’re in the studio having a professional portrait taken. Or maybe you’re not wondering it at all until the photographer snaps a photo and you realize your waistline is in the shot and you thought it was just going to be your head and […]

Dear Abby: I hate my photos

Dear Abby, I hate every photo taken of me.  I try not to be “that person” who hides behind the largest object I can find whenever someone whips out a camera, but I can’t help it, because I know that as soon as I see that picture I’m going to cringe and maybe even throw […]

How to not have a double chin in photos

DOUBLE CHIN.  It’s arguably THE most common lament we hear during headshot sessions.  And no one is immune to the appearance of a double chin in their photo.  It can pop up for anyone.  It has nothing to do with weight, age, or “photogenicness,” if we can invent that word.  When you take any three […]

How to pose your hands in a headshot

Sometimes people in front of our cameras ask us what to do with their hands before we even say “smile.”  Even when you know the photo is cropped tight enough to not even see your hands in the picture, it can feel SO awkward to stand there and smile at big tube of glass with […]

How to take a great author photo

Author photos! Okay, so this topic doesn’t apply to like 99% of us because how many of us are awesome enough to publish a book? But we simply must talk about author photos because they’re just SO cool. And! There actually is a lot that the rest of us civilians have in common with real […]

The free headshot

Last month Organic Headshots had its yearly booth at Navy Pier as a sponsor of BrandSmart, which just celebrated its 20th year. Way to go, AMA Chicago! It was a fabulous event, as always, and we met some awesome new people, said hello to old friends, and learned a great deal from the amazing speakers. […]

How to photograph people of color

Deanna Morgan pulled us aside after we took her photos and asked if she could take a peek at them.  With a sigh of relief when she saw them, she said she was initially concerned about her skin being exposed properly, and was happy we nailed it. Before her role at Peapod Digital Labs as […]

Men get makeup for their photos too

Men Get Makeup For Their Photos Too Before I go into why the answers to all those questions are the same, let me start by defining “men” as individuals who present as male and wear little to no makeup on a daily basis, at least for the purposes of this particular discussion. Question: should men […]