Outdoor portraits in the Chicago Loop: is it even legal?

The Chicago Loop is a freaking goldmine of beautiful places to take headshots and group photos downtown. But WHERE? Let me rephrase that: WHERE IS IT LEGAL? And now I’m going to answer that question with a question: DEFINE LEGAL? And now that all our law firm clients are totally paying attention, let me explain. […]

Bad tips for photos


While we’re coaching our clients into poses and smiles, we sometimes have to overcome an unexpected obstacle: bad photo tips and tricks floating around the interwebs.  Here are four of the most common how-to-look-better-in-photos “hacks” that are really just ridiculous myths that need to be busted: Don’t smile as hard, to avoid wrinkles. We see […]

Retouching: how much is too much?

Retouching your photos is like adding salt to your paprikash: it’s all to your own taste.  Some people like a little, some like a little more, and some like a whole lot.  But at some point, if you go too far, it’s completely inedible.  Or in the case of photos, you just can’t look at […]

We’re hiring

Our awesome little photo studio is searching for an Operations Manager to add to our team! If the below description sounds like you, email your resumé and a brief note about why you think you’d crush it here to michelle@organicheadshots.com Brief description Our photo studio needs an Operations Manager with some serious organizational skills to […]

Women’s Day Thoughts on Being a Woman-Owned Business

Today is International Women’s Day.  Your inbox is probably flooded with emails about inclusivity, pride, and solidarity (which is never a bad thing, right?).  I wanted to share something a little different—a more personal story of what today means to me personally as a woman business owner. Our photo studio is certified nationally as a […]

COVID-19 Precautions at the Studio

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to give everyone an update on how our photo studio is changing operations to keep everyone safe and healthy. First off, we are still behind our cameras and taking headshots and will remain open, and none of our staff have been ill or exposed to anyone who is […]

Favorite shots of 2019

Can we talk about how hard it was to choose only a handful of photos for our annual “favorite shots” collection of 2019?  Because it literally took hours to widdle it down from hundreds to just about 30.  HUNDREDS. We met SO many awesome people and got so many awesome portrait and event shots of […]

Personal branding photography: SO hot right now

You may have heard the phrase, “personal branding photography” whispered between marketers, publicists, or influencers lately.  Or maybe you’ve seen photos on Instagram or company websites and thought, “how do they get so many great, magazine-worthy shots for their social media pages?  That was so NOT taken with an iPhone.”  Welcome to the newest photography […]

What to wear (and not to wear) for headshots

If you’ve taken a look at our headshot tips page, you’ve read a lot of great information on what to wear for your photos and how to prepare for your headshot session.  To supplement those tips, here are some visuals to help you see what works for headshots and what doesn’t work, and why. For […]