Today I figured I would share a little green screen artistry.  For the record, I don’t like green screen.  I think it looks fake.  Top-notch visual effects artists in big-budget Hollywood movies should be the only people who mess with it.  In still photography, I’m of the opinion that if you’re just using it to take someone’s photo so you can swap out the background, why not just take their photo in front of the background you want in the first place?

(Dismounts high horse) I do occasionally get a request for taking someone’s headshot in front of a green screen so a post-production artist can lay in a logo or some other stock image background later.  Here’s a photo that I took in front of a chroma key background (“green screen”) for someone to swap out with a different background later.  The trick is to light the green background evenly so it’s all the same color, and to light the subject separately and far enough away from the background so very little of the green color reflects back and spills onto their hair or clothes.  That’s when you get that fake-looking green edge around them that just looks so incredibly cheesy.

In these photos I swapped out the background myself, using a stock image of a brick wall, which I distorted and blurred a bit so it had more perspective and looked a little more realistic.  Turning it to black and white made it look just a little more believable.  But still cheesy.

Beware: these images are a lot cheesier than my usual work.  This post is just for special effects nerds to find interesting. 

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