Organic Headshots

Learn more about our Chicago corporate headshots

Do you match existing photos?

Yes!  If your company has existing headshots or photos taken by another photographer in one of your other national offices, show us the photos or your style guides and we’ll match the backdrop color and lighting.

Where will you set up your equipment in our office?

The more open space you have, the better, but we can squeeze into just about any space that’s at least 8-10 feet wide by 12 feet long.  Any conference room or other area of the office where we won’t be disturbing anyone and can move the tables/chairs to create an open space will work fine.  We’ll need just one power outlet and we’ll bring our own extension cords.

What type of guarantee do you have?

We want you to be happy with your photos and are committed to providing you with headshots that exceed your expectations. If the photos do not match the standards of our portfolio and are somehow flawed because of photographer error (such as focus, lighting, color), we will correct the mistakes either in post-production if possible, or with a re-shoot if necessary.  We always do our best to achieve your vision in the photos, and can show you the photos as we take them, to make sure we’re capturing what you’re looking for.  Some rooms can create specific photographic challenges, especially in environmental shots such as in front of a lobby or window, and we will be clear about any and all challenges at the shoot so you can know what to expect and what is possible.

Are you insured?

Organic Headshots carries full liability coverage for every shoot.  Let us know if your building needs a certificate of insurance listing your office or property as an additional insured on the policy before the shoot.

What are my billing and payment options?

Organic Headshots accepts check, credit card, and ACH transfers and will provide an invoice after the shoot.  We will send online galleries before payment but prefer full payment before photo delivery.  We can provide your accounting department with an EIN or signed W9.

Federal Copyright Law states that the copyright of any photographic work created is immediately assigned to the photographer. The process to transfer that copyright is long and intensive, so Organic Headshots instead assigns a simple license to you which grants nearly every right and privilege a copyright would. You have hired us to take your photos so that you can use them, so your license allows you to publish, print, and distribute the photos everywhere without needing to credit us or pay us any additional fees or royalties. There are no hidden fees, commercial usage fees, or licensing fees.