With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to give everyone an update on how our photo studio is changing operations to keep everyone safe and healthy.

First off, we are still behind our cameras and taking headshots and will remain open, and none of our staff have been ill or exposed to anyone who is ill. If you have an appointment but are feeling ill, or have reason to believe you have been exposed to any virus, please reschedule your appointment for when you are feeling better.

We are following Chicago’s Department of Health guidelines for businesses, and monitoring the city’s Coronavirus website for updates. We’re also making a few changes in our procedures to provide extra protection to our clients and staff, which are summarized below.

Increased cleaning: between each appointment at the studio we are sanitizing all high-touch areas and washing our hands between clients.

Social distancing: we are refraining from handshakes and physical contact. Instead of adjusting your clothes or hair for you during posing, we will hold a mirror so you can do so on your own.

Cancellation / rescheduling fees: We will waive cancellation and rescheduling fees for the duration of the pandemic.

Makeup: if your shoot has a makeup artist, please know that our makeup artists already employ strict sanitation guidelines and will continue to do so. They use disposable applicators and fresh, sanitized brushes for each individual.

On-site shoots: if you have scheduled us for a shoot in your office, we will abide by all of our in-studio guidelines while on location. If your office has switched to telecommuting for the time, we will temporarily honor your on-site pricing for individual sessions in the studio for existing shoots in the schedule. Contact Shea for more info.

Your health and safety and the health and saftey of our staff take top priority with everything we do. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us.

Thank you for continuing to choose Organic Headshots for your photography needs, and please stay safe and healthy!

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