crainsadLast night I was having some evening tea and finally getting a chance to peruse this week’s issue of Crain’s, and I happened across an ad on page 15 with a familiar face.  The ad had a handful of peoples’  headshots side by side and there it was- a headshot I took for the CEO of the Northridge Group a while back when I visited their office to update headshots for their leadership team.  I almost said, “Hi Therese!” out loud, but I talk out loud when no one is around enough already and I don’t want my dog to think I’m any weirder than I am.

It made me happy to see my photo in print; not just because of the warm fuzzies a person gets from seeing some of their work out in the print world, but also because that headshot is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.  Every career-minded, successful professional should have a great headshot to use everywhere an image of their successful, professional face is needed.

It’s very important to have a good, updated headshot you can be proud of, so when your ad people frantically email you with, “the ad goes to print this Thursday, can you email us a headshot in the next 24 hours?” you’ve already got one ready to go and can just attach it, click “send,” and then grab some popcorn and catch up on the latest episode of Homeland.  A lot of professionals come to me for headshots because they’re asked by someone else for a headshot to include in an article, marketing piece, advertisement, speaking schedule, website, etc… and they need one NOW.  It can make them arrive at my studio quite frazzled.

So don’t wait until you get that frantic email from someone demanding a headshot of you to get your butt into my studio for an updated portrait.  Do it now so you can always have that perfect, stunning-looking headshot of yourself in your back pocket when you need it.  Not that I have my headshot on my business card and carry it around in my back pocket or anything… Okay, actually I do.

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