I was just inspired by my fellow photographer Johnny’s idea to collect top shots from the year and put them together to celebrate 2012 and get geared up for 2013.  I just spent a little time shuffling through my folders from 2012 and grabbed about 30 or so photos that jumped out at me as the most memorable from the year.  And here they are!  Drum roll, please…

This first one was a collaborative effort between me and Johnny: we partner together for weddings (where 2 photographers can do much more damage than 1) and conceptualized this portrait idea and worked together to create it.  We put a camera on a tripod, had the bride and groom stand really still, and had the ring bearer and flower girl run around them quickly with sparklers.  And I jumped in there for a split second to flash a speedlite on their faces for a little more light on them.  The result was a success!And some other great shots from weddings this year:

Some not-quite-headshot photos from the year:

And some group photos from 2012:

Some memorable headshots from the year:

And lastly, let’s close with some adorable puppy and kitten photos.

Happy New Year!

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