Last week I partnered with a legal publishing company hosting a networking event for attorneys and provided a little “social media photobooth” in a corner of the room, where attendees can stop by and have their headshot taken for a fraction of the price of an in-studio session.

It was a lot of fun and great exercise for a headshot photographer like me since I’ve got about 3 minutes to get a great photo of each person. And after the event, the feedback has been spectacular. Today someone called me to tell me he was “fully expecting to hate every last one of the photos and didn’t even want to look at them online… but I couldn’t believe it- I liked them all! Even my wife likes them and she hates everything.” 🙂

I’m having trouble deciding what was my favorite part of the whole experience:

1. Meeting great new people
2. Great feedback from people happy with their photos already uploading them to LinkedIn
3. The appetizers at the event. Those bacon-wrapped dates were AMAZING.

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