I just wanted to share this headshot I took the other day for Dixieland musician Felicia Carparelli. Yes, that’s a bright and shiny gold accordion on her lap. Accordions just make me smile. When she called me for headshots I asked her what the photos are for, and she said she plays the piano and accordion and she’ll need some basic headshots to give to bars and clubs where she plays, so they can hang it in their window under “upcoming musicians.”

So I told her to bring the accordion to add as a prop to some of the shots, so she’ll have a photo of her that clearly represents that she is a musician and what instrument she plays. While taking the photos she adjusted her hold on the accordion and said it can get a little heavy. “I should have learned the harmonica,” she said.

I said, “just be happy I didn’t ask you to bring the piano and hold that on your lap.”

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