Last weekend my boyfriend Joel watched the movie PI, and the part where the main character narrated parts of his day (“11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature…”) is stuck in my head.  So I decided to keep a running tab of what I do today in that same format.  Are you ready to see what a photographer does on an average day?  (Until I got tired of logging my activities, that is.)  Here it comes…

5:15am- Wake up, try to fall back to sleep.

6:30am- Realize I’m not really sleeping, just pretending.  Get out of bed.

7:00am- Joel walks David Bowie the Dog so I don’t have to.  I LOVE HIM.

Organic Headshots, professional headshot, LinkedIn profile photo

7:15am- Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and toast.

7:30am- Check email, respond to former client asking if she can use one of her headshots as a passport photo.  Read photo blogs.

8:00am- Headshot client is stuck in traffic on the Eisenhower.  Continue reading photo blogs and answering email.

8:30am- Headshot session for COO updating his LinkedIn profile with a new headshot.  David Bowie the Dog observes, scratches himself.

9:30am- Commotion outside my door. A painting crew starts power washing the walls in the courtyard of my building to repaint.  Neighbor and I speculate on what the color will be.

9:45am- Receive phone call for a quote on location headshots and editorial style shots of people in front of a 12 foot tall die cutting machine for company press releases.  Pat myself on the back for knowing what a die cutting machine is.

10:00am- 2-look photo session for art school graduate: indoors and outdoors.

10:30am- First location on street too sunny.  Too much squinting.  Move to shade.

10:45am- wind blows over light, umbrella is bent beyond repair.  Umbrella was bought for $10 on sale.  $500 light unharmed.  Funeral for umbrella scheduled for later in the month.

Organic Headshots, portrait photography11:15am- Got a voicemail asking about headshots.  Return call, leave voicemail.

11:20am- Open Lightroom.  Begin messing with photos taken at 10am.

11:40am- Eyes watering from not blinking for 20 minutes.  Walking away from computer.

11:41am- Survey fridge for lunch.  Make vegetable tofu stir fry with udon noodles.  I’m not a vegetarian.  Tofu was on sale.

11:53am- Try to fit square tofu into round container.  TOFU EVERYWHERE

12:00pm- Number of emails received while away from computer for 15 minutes: 10.  Eat lunch while responding.

12:22pm- Hard drive suddenly decides to restart or something in the middle of Lightroom exporting photos.  WTF?!

12:23pm- Hard drive back online, begin re-exporting files.  Hard drive is new RAID 5 system purchased recently.  Begin looking for tech support phone number.

12:25pm- Text from photo assistant- wants to see gallery from wedding we shot to see if any of his photos made the final cut.  PHOTO ASSISTANTS ARE AWESOME.day4

12:36pm- Re-export has produced duplicate files.  GRRRRR.  Delete duplicates.

12:52pm- Phone call for last minute headshot tomorrow afternoon: am I available?  Sorry, I’m booked downtown for group photos at an investment firm. Refer to photographer friends.

1:00pm- Still hungry.  DO WE HAVE COOKIES?

1:03pm- Dog is basking in sunbeam.  Not enough space to bask next to him.  Dog is hogging the sunbeam.  Dog is a jerk.

2:51pm- spent 2 hours answering emails, phone calls, editing photos, not much blinking.  Don’t want to track what I’m doing anymore.  This was a fun game while it lasted.



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