You may have heard the phrase, “personal branding photography” whispered between marketers, publicists, or influencers lately.  Or maybe you’ve seen photos on Instagram or company websites and thought, “how do they get so many great, magazine-worthy shots for their social media pages?  That was so NOT taken with an iPhone.”  Welcome to the newest photography trend: Personal Branding Photography.

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What is Personal Branding Photography?

Simply put: Personal Branding shots are lifestyle images, creative portraiture, and in-action shots of you looking awesome.  A Personal Branding Photography shoot is for professionals utilizing photography to create and build their brand.  We all know that having images to support your online presence is a key factor in your business’s growth: don’t just tell potential clients who you are and what you do, show them.  Personal Branding Photos depict you in your element.  If you’re a personal stylist, you need photos of you wearing the latest fashion and looking fabulous, action shots of you shopping for your clients, or images of you consulting with a client on their own style.  A great Personal Branding Photo tells the story of your strengths and sells a potential client on why they need you, better than a thousand words ever could.

Why is Personal Branding Photography so hot right now?

With so much content online and in print today, we are all looking for images that perfectly reflect and summarize our message and grab attention quickly, and it’s now easier, more fun, and gaining in popularity to use custom professional photos to do so.  And everyone is getting much less humble in how they depict themselves in images.  With so many people competing for space and attention, you have to be less humble: you have to flaunt who you are and your pride in what you do in order for others to share that same excitement.  If you see two listings in Google for personal trainers, and one is a standard headshot, while the other is a photo of Buff McBuffCakes flexing his muscles while spotting Strong McFlexHot while she deadlifts 250lbs, which listing are you likely to click on?

personal branding photography, personal branding photo, branding photography, lifestyle photo

How can a marketer apply Personal Branding Photography to their company?

Personal Branding Photography, for good reason, has been starting its reign of popularity among entrepreneurs and small business owners, because they are usually the face of their business and need to sell themselves as the product.  Realtors, consultants, financial advisers, lifestyle bloggers, artists, event planners, writers, interior designers, life coaches, and so forth.

But a larger business often must showcase its people to show the world who they are too.  After all, your staff and your leadership are the backbone of your organization and the real value you bring to clients.  How often does the CFO perform speaking engagements representing your company and she’s scrambling for a photo to send to the organizers the day before the event?  How often do you need action shots of the CEO for internal newsletters, marketing materials, or something more interesting to hand a journalist when they ask for some photos to accompany a story about your company?

Or worse yet, how many times has a story run in a magazine and the CEO absolutely HATES their cover photo the publication-sent journalism student has taken?  A Personal Branding Photography shoot is an important investment in the marketing materials you use every day.  Having a stockpile of great photos of your important people on hand for publications, social media, your website, internal communications, and reports not only saves a lot of headache when you’re on a deadline, but gives you great creative control over your company’s brand.

personal branding photography, personal branding photo, branding photography, lifestyle photo

Where do I go for Personal Branding Photography?

Personal Branding Photos are a growing trend in the photography industry, so make sure you find a professional photographer with experience in marketing and branding photography, as well as portraiture.  Make sure their portfolio reflects skill not only in their subjects looking their best (everyone’s hair looks good, posing is flattering, and smiles are natural), but that they demonstrate an understanding of capturing images that tell a story.

Work with your photographer to organize a shoot that meets your needs.  Tell him or her what kind of images you need and share ideas with them on how to get those photos.  A good Personal Branding Photographer will be able to take a list of must-have photos and/or a brain dump of the uses you need the photos for and a description of your company and design a shoot that captures what you need.

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