Staff Headshots in Chicago: we bring the studio to your office


Some of our clients:

We have had Organic Headshots come into the Big Ten office for headshots for our staff many times over the last several years and we have always been very happy with the results and the service. It has always been a pleasure working with the company and building a great relationship with the photographers. Service and results are excellent and they go out of their way to make sure we are happy with the finished product, which we always have been. A great company with great staff!

Organic Headshots has photographed portraits for our key staff members at Capital One several times now, and we have consistently been happy with the results. Having a team like theirs is invaluable for getting our employees to loosen up and relax for their headshots. Their team is extremely professional, kind and thorough- the quality of their team very much so aligns with the quality of their photos. We look forward to having them back for our next shoot!

Organic Headshots is our preferred photographer for executive and board headshots, and has been for several years. Our staff and volunteer leaders have commented how much they appreciate the professionalism and friendliness of the photographers when they’re onsite, and we are all happy with the results. I can’t recommend them enough.

Posing and smiles

A professional headshot should show someone looking relaxed, confident, and approachable-- which can be a bit difficult with a giant camera lens pointing at you.  The photographer will never just drop someone in front of a camera without helping them get the best smile. Each person is coached into different poses and angles to get the most flattering look from shoulders to hip, and is given cues, tips, and instructions for getting different types of natural-looking smiles and facial expressions.  Everyone is different and can look more like themselves from different angles and in different poses, so the photographer will get multiple smiles and angles to choose from- making sure we get it right the first time and each person walks away with a photo they can be proud of.

Photo delivery

Photos will be delivered as high-resolution JPGs (approximately 350dpi and about 3840px x 5760px in size), but let us know if your production department requires any specific file types or image dimensions and we’ll be happy to accommodate.  We work directly with web designers and graphic designers on a regular basis to create photos that fit into the final vision of marketing materials.

Photo Day

There are many different options for how we can run the photo day, depending on your staff’s needs and schedules. You can schedule each person into short time slots, or groups of 5 to 10 people in larger time blocks if that’s easier.  Some small groups with flexible schedules can even drop in at their leisure as we finish the person before them. Afterward, your office will receive all of the photos taken (which averages from about 10-20 per person), but there are several options for choosing each person’s final photo.  Your office can choose each person’s photo for them or distribute them internally for choosing if you prefer, or we can choose the best shot for each person and place those in a separate folder when they’re delivered. If you would like each person to choose their own photo and don’t have the means to do so internally, we have 2 options to make that easier. After each person’s session they can view their photos on a tablet immediately after taking them, and the photographer or a photo assistant will help them choose the best photo right away.  Or, if you prefer everyone to have more time to choose, we can set up separate online galleries with each person’s photos for choosing later.

Adding staff later

Organic Headshots makes it easy to take photos of new  staff members added after everyone else is photographed, or to photograph  anyone who can’t be there for the scheduled photo day.  If the photos are taken in front of a plain  color backdrop, individuals can schedule a time to stop by the Logan Square  studio for matching photos- the backdrop and lighting will match and their  photo will look like it was taken on the same day as everyone else’s.  We can also return to the office for   environmental photos and new groups of people- just ask about our pricing for  smaller groups in your office and in-studio photos for new staff members.

Additional services to add to your shoot

To get the best photos possible, we have some photo optimizing options you can add to your shoot, which are completely optional and priced separately so you can add them at any time.  One option is to have a hair and makeup artist present at the shoot for light makeup and hair styling.  The stylists we work with are specifically trained in makeup for photography and will lightly touch up each woman’s existing makeup to make sure it shows up well in a photo, and will powder any men or women who appear shiny on camera.  The stylist will also bring hot hair tools and products to smooth flyaway hairs and make sure everything is in place.  We ask that everyone come with their hair and makeup how they usually style it on a daily basis so the stylist can see their everyday look and translate it to a great on-camera look. After the photos are taken they can also be professionally retouched- which you can add after receiving them if you want to look at them first to see if it’s necessary.  You can request any level of retouching you’d like, but our standard procedure is based on basic smoothing and optimizing (instead of heavy airbrushing like the cover of a fashion magazine).  We will eliminate temporary flaws like blemishes, flyaway hairs, redness in the skin and eyes, shine, etc.  Then we minimize some shadowing and other distracting elements of the photo, while making sure the final image still looks like the person photographed without  drastically changing their age or appearance.

Green Screen Photography

If you need a custom color backdrop to match your logo or marketing materials, or if you'd like the photos to have an outdoor or natural backdrop and you don't have one you like in your own office space, we can use green screen technology to insert any backdrop of your choice. See samples and learn more here.

We're a Woman-Owned Business

If you have a supplier diversity program, Organic Headshots is a certified woman-owned business and counts toward diverse vendor credit!


Q:  Do you match existing photos?
A:  Yes!  If your company has existing headshots or photos taken by another photographer in one of your other national offices, show us the photos or your style guides and we’ll do our best to match the backdrop color and lighting.

Q: Where will you set up your equipment in our office?
A: The more open space you have, the better, but we can squeeze into just about any space that’s at least 8-10 feet wide by 12 feet long.  The backdrop is about 4.5’ wide (7’ with the stand), and we’ll place the main light about 7-10’ in front of that.  Any conference room or other area of the office where we won’t be disturbing anyone and can move the tables/chairs to create an open space will work fine.  We’ll need just one power outlet and we'll bring our own extension cords.

Q: What type of guarantee do you have?
A: We want you to be happy with your photos and are committed to providing you with headshots that exceed your expectations.  If the photos somehow do not match the standards of our portfolio and are somehow flawed because of photographer error (such as focus, lighting, color), we will correct the mistakes.  We always do our best to achieve your vision in the photos, and can show you the photos as we take them to make sure we’re capturing what you’re looking for.   Some rooms can create specific photographic challenges, especially in environmental shots such as in front of a lobby or window, and we will be clear about any and all challenges at the shoot so you can know what to expect and what is possible.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Organic Headshots carries full liability coverage for every shoot.  Let us know if you’d like to see proof of coverage or to have a certificate of insurance created labeling your office or property as an additional insured on the policy before the shoot.

Q: What are my billing and payment options?
A: Organic Headshots accepts check, credit card, and ACH transfers and will provide an invoice after the shoot.  We will send online galleries before payment but prefer full payment before photo delivery.  We can also provide your accounting department with an EIN or signed W9.

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