Musician portraits

Last week I landed in a music hall in Evanston to take some portraits of a talented classical duo- a violinist and a pianist who perform together and needed photos both of them together and separate for their bookings and programs.  Photos of musicians are a special challenge because they need to have their instrument in […]

Does your LinkedIn photo say the right thing about you?

Jeanne Kalinowski dropped by for headshots early this month and mentioned a website called, where you can have other people rate the profile photos you plan to use for LinkedIn or other places.  It works as a tool to choose a photo: other people who have never met you or seen either you or […]

What are you using your headshot for?

Sometimes I get a strange look when I ask people I’m about to photograph what line of work they’re in and what they plan to use the headshot for.  I think they’re thinking, “what does it matter?  Just take my photo so I can get out of here and get a doughnut.”  At least that’s […]

(Part of) an average day as a photographer

Last weekend my boyfriend Joel watched the movie PI, and the part where the main character narrated parts of his day (“11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature…”) is stuck in my head.  So I decided to keep a running tab of what I do today in that same format.  Are […]

The once a year “it’s Michelle’s birthday” discount

It’s Michelle’s Birthday! Discounts on headshots for one month only, before rates increase in 2014… From January 18th until February 18th, 2014 only: 25% off all headshot session fees Just mention the super secret password: BIRTHDAYCAKEFROSTING*     Yup, it’s that time of year again- the only time of the year that I give a discount. […]

Another Angie’s List Super Service Award!

Organic Headshots is proud to announce the acceptance of this beautiful digital plaque for the Angie’s List 2013 Super Service Award!  Also winning the award in 2012, Organic Headshots got the award for receiving positive reviews from Angie’s List members, which put us in the top 5% of qualifying businesses in the Photography category for […]

Don’t be mistaken for someone else on LinkedIn

A while back I had a client come to me in a frantic rush for some professional headshots- when she called she was actually a little out of breath as if she had run to the phone.  “How about today?  Can I come in today?  I can get in the car right now!  I need […]

The studio assistant behind the scenes

Last week a fitness instructor stopped by for some promo shots and casual headshots.  And my studio assistant did a wonderful job.  He has no thumbs, so his job is really to just stand there looking cute and fuzzy to put everyone in a good mood. If you haven’t yet learned, my studio assistant is […]

A client you should know

I recently took headshots for Maggie Panagakis, a professional organizer who wanted to update her look with some new headshots as she launched her company’s website, Strategies for Organizing.  During our session we looked at the things I’ve done to organize some of my photo equipment and she gave me some great suggestions! Working with […]