Dear Abby: I hate my photos

Dear Abby, I hate every photo taken of me.  I try not to be “that person” who hides behind the largest object I can find whenever someone whips out a camera, but I can’t help it, because I know that as soon as I see that picture I’m going to cringe and maybe even throw […]

Meet Alexander: the Clark Kent of the studio

A lot of you have already met Alexander, but did you know that a photo he took was on the front page of the Chicago Sun Times?  FACTOID: when Alexander isn’t taking portraits at Organic Headshots, he can be found stalking the streets of Chicago covering historic events as a documentary photographer. With photos also […]

Meet Kirstine: she photographed KISS!

concert photography

A lot of you have already met Kirstine (and your autocorrect probably changed her name to Kristine if you’ve ever emailed her), but we bet you didn’t know she photographed Bono of U2.  Or Stevie Nicks.  Or Metallica.  Did you know she photographed Steven Tyler of Aerosmith?  Because she did. Kirstine started her career behind […]

Outdoor portraits in the Chicago Loop: is it even legal?

The Chicago Loop is a freaking goldmine of beautiful places to take headshots and group photos downtown. But WHERE? Let me rephrase that: WHERE IS IT LEGAL? And now I’m going to answer that question with a question: DEFINE LEGAL? And now that all our law firm clients are totally paying attention, let me explain. […]

The free headshot

Last month Organic Headshots had its yearly booth at Navy Pier as a sponsor of BrandSmart, which just celebrated its 20th year. Way to go, AMA Chicago! It was a fabulous event, as always, and we met some awesome new people, said hello to old friends, and learned a great deal from the amazing speakers. […]

Our favorite shots of 2020

“What a year, right?” is not an original thing to say this week. The year 2020 has been a heck of a lousy ride for a lot of us, and our studio is no exception. BUT. Even though we had to close as a “non-essential business” for 74 days in the Spring, and bookings have […]

Feeling nervous for your headshot? We’ve been trained for that!

Everyone at Organic Headshots has been at this for years: our photographers have photographed thousands of people, and our makeup artists have had just as many folks in their makeup chairs.  And if there’s one thing nearly all our clients have in common, it’s that they’re nervous.  Very few people walk into a photo studio […]

Make your bad headshot better

There’s nothing that keeps a person away from a photo studio better than a past photo that didn’t turn out so well.  Such was the case with our friend, Jon.  His partner was a past client of ours for his (dare we say awesome) professional headshots, and every month like clockwork they would have some […]

An awesome event = awesome event photos

Did you hear the news?  The Willis Tower is about to get a huge makeover.  Like, HUGE.  We definitely heard the news loud and clear, because we were there to photograph the press conference announcing the plans.  And it was awesome.  See for yourself: What makes a great event photographer?  Speed.  Anticipation.  Comfortable shoes.  To […]