Meet Alexander: the Clark Kent of the studio

A lot of you have already met Alexander, but did you know that a photo he took was on the front page of the Chicago Sun Times?  FACTOID: when Alexander isn’t taking portraits at Organic Headshots, he can be found stalking the streets of Chicago covering historic events as a documentary photographer. With photos also […]

Meet Kirstine: she photographed KISS!

concert photography

A lot of you have already met Kirstine (and your autocorrect probably changed her name to Kristine if you’ve ever emailed her), but we bet you didn’t know she photographed Bono of U2.  Or Stevie Nicks.  Or Metallica.  Did you know she photographed Steven Tyler of Aerosmith?  Because she did. Kirstine started her career behind […]

Free event coverage for non-profits in Q4!

Every year Organic Headshots gives away several hours of event photo coverage, divided into quarters.  This year, Visionshare already has dibs on a few hours of coverage for an event they have in October: a group that places donated eye tissue for transplant recipients is definitely a non-profit that restores vision is definitely after a photographer’s […]