How to crop your headshot

Where do I crop my headshot? you might be wondering when you’re in the studio having a professional portrait taken. Or maybe you’re not wondering it at all until the photographer snaps a photo and you realize your waistline is in the shot and you thought it was just going to be your head and […]

Dear Abby: I hate my photos

Dear Abby, I hate every photo taken of me.  I try not to be “that person” who hides behind the largest object I can find whenever someone whips out a camera, but I can’t help it, because I know that as soon as I see that picture I’m going to cringe and maybe even throw […]

How to photograph people of color

Deanna Morgan pulled us aside after we took her photos and asked if she could take a peek at them.  With a sigh of relief when she saw them, she said she was initially concerned about her skin being exposed properly, and was happy we nailed it. Before her role at Peapod Digital Labs as […]