For a little over two years now I’ve been photographing all of the products for the Precious Moments line of porcelain figurines, snow globes, ornaments, plush dolls, music boxes, picture frames, and all sorts of other items they offer.  I love going to their office to see the new products they’re going to be unveiling in about a year- the process from concept to shelves is a lengthy one- and chatting with the wonderful people who work there.

It’s like just about any other office with its fax machines, memos, board rooms, cubicles and offices… except there are porcelain figurines absolutely everywhere, and sketches of new ideas and concepts taped to every wall.  I walked by a room once with 2 people hunkered over chunks of clay with sketches in front of them: they were sculpting first drafts of new items right there.  Awesome place to work.

Sometimes they stop by my studio to shoot a few quick items and the last time they stopped by they brought me a Santa Claus mug.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Okay, let me explain… I’ve photographed quite literally thousands of items for them, but about a year or so ago when they laid out the items for the day there was a group of Christmas themed mugs that blew my mind.  When they’re upside-down they look like Santa, penguin, and snowman figurines with their hands up in the air.  I thought to myself, “why on earth do they have their hands up in the air?  Someone should tell Precious Moments that the ‘raise the roof’ thing is over…”  But then I flipped one of them over and realized it was a coffee mug and designed to be that ridiculously adorable.

When Amy, my main contact with the company, came back into the room to go over what is being shot for the day I jammed it in her face and said, “have you seen this?!  This is amazing!”  Of course she’s seen it.  She’s one of the people who designed it.  She laughed at how enthusiastic I got over one of their products for a few weeks after that…

So if you’re looking for any-last minute gift items this year… check out the Santa mug, penguin mug, and snowman mug.  Of all of their Christmas products, these mugs absolutely rocked my world.

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