Volunteering for some volunteers


Each year I donate some photography services to a select few non-profit groups, and this last weekend I volunteered my photo services for some volunteers.  The Chicago Volunteer Expo was held on February 16th at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park.  The expo connected local non-profits in need of volunteers with willing and able patrons looking for organizations they want to get behind and help out.  And holy cow were there a lot of people there!  It was really inspiring to see so many people excited to help out in their community.  I captured some shots of people signing up as volunteers, talking shop with the exhibitors, and having a fantastic time.  I got to meet some great people with the US Coast Guard, the Lincoln Park Zoo, Cimmfest, the Greater Chicago Food Depository, lots of animal and pet shelters, and even a group of people who teach others how to crochet plastic shopping bags into sleeping mats for the homeless.  There were so many great organizations to volunteer for!


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