How to get here and into the building

Our address is:

2418 W. Bloomingdale Ave., Suite 210
Chicago, IL 60647

When you arrive, buzz your photographer at the intercom: #2100. You will be buzzed into the lobby and the photographer will meet you there to show you into the studio. Below is a map.


You can book a parking space in our parking lot, or park on the street.  If you would like to book our free parking space in the lot, please do that here before your session.  You will receive an email with instructions on finding the parking space. There is free street parking on Bloomingdale west of the stop sign at Artesian (do not park directly in front of the building east of the stop sign or you will be ticketed)- though watch for permit signs on Artesian.  There is also permit-free parking on Moffat, Campbell, and Wabansia. See below: green areas on the map are okay to park, red areas are not.

What to expect at your session

When you arrive, we’ll first talk about what you need the photos for and we’ll work together to choose a backdrop and look for the photos, and to choose clothing to wear from the options you bring.

If you booked a one-look headshot session, we’ll take photos for up to 45 minutes in front of one backdrop we have available in the studio, including multiple colors and some natural light/environmental options such as brick or greenery. A portrait session allows for up to 2 hours of shooting and unlimited looks/clothing changes.

After the session, you will be emailed a link to your proofs within about 24-48 hours, where you can download the digital images that come with the session, and have the option to purchase additional images or retouching.

The friendly studio dog

There’s nothing like an adorable little dog to make a photo session a happier experience!

If you book with Michelle, you might meet David Bowie the Dog, a small, calm, and friendly shiba inu who mostly sleeps through photo sessions, or rolls onto his back begging for bacon.

If you are  allergic to dogs or prefer a pooch-free session, just let us know ahead of time.

What types of payment to bring

We accept check, cash, or credit card, and full payment is due at the session.

Choosing clothing

Bring a few different shirts/tops/ties to choose from.  Most headshots are waist-up and won’t show anything below the waist so you don’t have to worry about matching pants- though do bring matching pants if you would like knee-up or full body photos.  See the headshot tips page for lots of info on choosing clothing colors and styles, and other hair/make-up tips.

Did you add a makeup artist / hair stylist?

A hair or make-up artist is optional. The make-up artists we work with do a great job making the best out of the photo by smoothing out skin tones and bringing out features, but still looking very natural and like you at your best. They are trained specifically in makeup for photography so it enhances your natural beauty.

If you book a makeup artist, please come bare-faced (or with makeup remover to remove your makeup) and with your hair clean, dry, and how you normally style it. Hair styling with a curling iron or flat iron, or a blowout can be added to a makeup artist’s session. If you add a hair stylist, come with your hair clean and dry. For a blowout, the stylist will wet your hair (no shampoo).

Wondering if you should tip your makeup artist? Read more about that here.

See inside the studio