So here’s my big news for the month: I got married!  On October 3rd, 2015, Joel Ebner and I officially tied the knot.  A visual designer by trade and a musician by design, Joel and I are now legally a powerhouse of sound and vision.  Actually, the song we chose to play when we were introduced as man and wife was David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision.”  Everyone laughed and shook their head in agreement.

The wedding was AMAZING.  I mean I knew it would be fun and lovely and awesome, but seriously, I had no idea how awesome it would be.  I’m still glowing.  But what they all say about the day being a total blur– it’s spot on.  It seriously happened so fast.

With photography being such an integral part of my life (duh), I knew I wanted the PERFECT wedding photographer to capture our special day for eternity, since it will be over in an instant.  As the day drew closer, when I told clients I was getting married their first question was almost always “who’s photographing it?”  A fascination I can completely understand, because really, how does a photographer choose a photographer?  I’ve often wondered what dentist my dentist goes to, where my mechanic takes his car, where my lawyer friends go to have their own law business attended to.

But if you’re looking for some super secret special insight into how to find the perfect wedding photographer from an industry insider, my advice isn’t going to wow you.  To choose my wedding photographer I did the same thing I suggest everyone does.  I looked at portfolios for a style I admired and pictured for my own wedding, compared packages to stay within my budget, and talked to photographers on the phone to get a feel for if we would work well together and how they answered my questions.  And my questions really weren’t any different from anyone else’s questions: Can I see your contract?  Can I see a full sample wedding?  What are your plans/packages?  How long have you been shooting weddings?  What are your emergency back-up plans if you get sick on the day of the wedding?  Etc.

Okay, I did ask what equipment they shoot on, but only out of curiosity.  And I mentioned upfront that I’m a fellow photographer, but let them know right away that I won’t be asking for the RAW files or anything crazy like that.

And I will admit that out of all of the wedding planning, choosing the photographer was the part I got the most “bridezilla” about and actually made a spreadsheet of photographers to contact and their basic info to compare.  And I actually contacted 18 different photographers.  But I swear, everything else in the wedding planning process was easy peasy– I bought the first dress I tried on and I can prove it.  I have witnesses.

But enough about that- let’s get to the fun part and look at some of the photos from the wedding!


Thank you so much Sally for capturing our day exactly how we envisioned it!

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