207 Headshots in 12 hours

  Last week PepsiCo was in town for a series of annual sales meetings and marketing sessions with employees representing many of their different brands from across the country.  What does this have to do with me?  I took their photos.  As part of the event a headshot station was offered, where people could have […]

A headshot on your business card?

A few months ago I wrote a quick post about putting your headshot on your resume.  Today, it’s about putting your headshot on your business card.  I’ve had my headshot on my business card for a of couple years now and have come to a simple conclusion about it:  it’s awesome.  Of course I’m going […]

Lens lengths and face shapes

Last week I wrote a quick post about working with photographers who are willing and able to adjust their equipment and techniques in order to successfully get the most flattering image of you possible.  I was thinking about that this weekend when I was photographing an old friend of mine who stopped by for some […]

If your photos look bad, fire your photographer

I got a phone call yesterday from someone who wanted to schedule a session with me because she just had a session last week with another headshot photographer and she absolutely hates how the photos turned out.  She said the photos don’t really look like her- that her face looks rounder and puffier in the […]

Have you seen my photo hanging at Whole Foods?

A few months ago I took some photos at a local Whole Foods bakery for a new ad campaign they’re running about their stores’ bakeries as local bakeries and the people who work there as the great, local bakers they are.  They asked some actual staff members of their bakeries to come in for the […]

Photos in a cemetery! Eep!

Last week I got a call to take some promotional photos for a theatre troupe for their new show opening:  “We want photos of us in clown costumes, in a cemetery, at dawn, holding shovels and books, and can you get some fog in the photos somehow?” I just want to take a moment to […]

A headshot on your resumé?

It’s been done for years for actors and entertainers: your headshot stapled to the back of your resumé (or is it your resumé stapled to the back of your headshot?), or even inserting a small image of your headshot somewhere on the front of your resumé… but can it be done for non-entertainment professionals? Most […]

Obligatory Millennium Park photos

This morning… wait, let me start over… This fine and beautiful, gorgeous morning in sunny and pleasant Chicago, I made some rounds downtown.  After starting the morning at a quick meeting to check out an office space for staff headshots, I then head to Central Camera (I’ll mention again that Central Camera is awesome.  Because […]

My crappy high school portrait

After photographing someone with curly hair the other week I had a sudden flashback to my senior portraits in high school.  I have a distinct memory of stepping into the room my school had set a portrait photographer up in and seeing him light up in excitement when I entered, saying, “oh, this is great!  […]

Flowers need headshots too

Today is such a beautiful day that I took a few minutes to wander around the courtyard in my building and take photos of the garden.  That is all I have to say today.