Last week PepsiCo was in town for a series of annual sales meetings and marketing sessions with employees representing many of their different brands from across the country.  What does this have to do with me?  I took their photos.  As part of the event a headshot station was offered, where people could have their headshot quickly taken and sent to them later.  After 12 hours of nearly non-stop shutter-clicking, I had taken 207 people’s photos and pushed that shutter button 2,568 times.



When I was done I took one hell of a nap.  But the result is spectacular: 207 matching headshots done at break-neck speed, and a new personal record for number of headshots taken in one day!


I get a lot of requests for matching staff photos and I usually head to a client’s office and take their headshots over the course of a few days, depending on the size of the firm.  But occasionally a company has all of their members from different national offices in one place and needs their headshots taken all at once and as quickly as possible.


I’ve created a workflow that’s scalable for every situation which varies from 20-minutes per person and viewing their photos to choose one during the session itself (which clients love, since they don’t have to chase down dozens of people to choose their photos later), all the way to about 1.5 minutes per person, while still keeping track of who’s who and organizing their photos later into galleries or individually marked folders.


I had a great time at the PepsiCo event and met at least 207 amazing people.  Sometimes I just absolutely LOVE my job.  And I may or may not be calling Guinness to see if I happened to set an actual record…


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